Can Teravalve regulate pressure variations and reduce water bills?

Teravalve regulate pressure variations

Have you ever wondered if of changing water pressure would have any effect on you water bills? The actual fact is that the variations in water pressure do influence the water meter readings and may result in increased water bills. Teravalve an amazing patented water valve designed based on the two basic principles i.e. the Boyles law of gas pressure and volume and the Le Chatellliers volumetric dynamics has been found to be an effective water bill saving and water saving valve.

How does teravalve work? The constant fluctuations, higher or lower flow of water results in inaccurate and higher meter readings. The water meters are pre-designed based on specific standard water flowing rates the variation in flow results in over spinning and increased pressure rates. Teravalve the effective water bill saving valve basically installed in waterlines close to the water meters. It is installed in the water line at a position closest to your water meter for the intended results. The continuous pressure built up by the incoming water is maintained with the help of a flexible spring loaded nozzle. The resulting back pressure gets transformed into high pressure at the other side of the water meter and reaches a point where it losses the acquired volume and passes through the water meter in the compact form and attains its original volume only when it reaches the teravalve. Thus teravalve effectively covers up the air content in the water from being measured by the water meter without actually removing the air contained in the flowing water.

The water reading thus measured by the water meter in the presence of teravalve is accurate and free from fluctuations resulting due to low or high flow of water. Teravalve is fast gaining preference as efficient water saving valve and one of the most effective vavle recommended for water bill savings in New Jersey.