Controlling the Movement of Water through Devices

A chamber controls the hot water and cold water supply through a flap or valve like device without mixing the two variants. This works the same for domestic purposes as well as for industrial use. The actual valve in home faucets are installed to separate the two variants of water but for industrial use an elaborate embodiment is installed.

The traditional and orthodox controlling device are now being coupled with the modern patented water valve that saves the end user 10 – 25% on their water and sewer bills. The water conservation valve is offered through shared savings programs and select sizes are for sale. Engineered to reduce the volume of water hence the consumption. The water conservation is not the only way the patented water valve saves. The Teravalve also compresses and air slugs that might come from the system pumping the water or even from the water meter overspinning. This water saving valve is used in applications such as restaurants, multinational companies, hotel chains, corporate houses, high rise condos, food processing and other large water users.

The valve is well engineered and now a proven water saving device. But how does the Teravalve work? It works on the simple application of saving the over consumption of water by reducing the water bill, gives precise reading of the water meter and also reduces consumption of water. In most cases the level of water and air is measured by the water meter and one cannot distinguish between the two, so the Teravalve creates backpressure to push back beyond the paddle eliminating air and over spin.