Cut down soaring water and sewer bills and water with advanced patented water valve

Cut down soaring water

How often have you felt the need for a system that could help you conserve on your water and sewer consumption? The ever increasing water charges and the demand for quality water supply, water management and water wastage prevention measures greatly call for an innovative and dynamic system. The ground-breaking and advanced patented water valve has immensely benefitted large water users like condos, city buildings, hotels and other commercial establishments in establishing a functional and dynamic system.

It is estimated that the installment of the simple and effective system has helped commercial properties and large institutions to make an average saving of around 12%. The ways in which these water valves can create a difference to your water management systems are as follows:

Accurate meter readings and guaranteed savings on water bills:

In the commercial properties and large buildings the patented valves are placed on the house side of the water meter. The system has multiple components such as the valve, flow meter and software. The flow meters are designed in such a way that the flowing water activates an internal paddle that spins and calculates the amount of the water consumed. The patented water valve reduces volume, create a solid core of back pressure to reduce air slug in the lines and reduce vibrations that register in magnetic meters. The elimination of the unwanted air also helps in generating accurate meter readings, increasing meters efficiency and reducing meter bills.

Reduces excess consumption and water wastage:

Air pressure and its variance has great role in controlling the flow of water spinning of the meter. In most of the water systems the pressure is generally 65psi opening/closing of fixtures like sprinklers, hose, and sinks etc. The patented water valves help in maintaining even flow of water and reduce the extra consumption and wastage of water.

These advanced water valves are fully customizable and require no maintenance. These are simple devices that you can simply fit and forget while it keeps working 365 days a year to conserve water, reduce your water bills and keep your business property water systems highly functional.