Reduce water consumption the easy way!

History of water consumption

The human body is made of 60 -70 % water, although it may be a generic statement. The consequence of man’s actions in irresponsible management of water as a resource is starting to be evident. Climate change, exploitation of natural resources without thought for a sustainable future has led to limited supply of fresh water in few parts of the globe.

97 % of water on earth is saline or sea water, two thirds are trapped in polar ice caps; the remaining fraction of fresh water is what remains underground. If we are not responsible toward use of this basic resource the repercussions can be dire.

How you can reduce water consumption in your building

  • Check for leaky taps
  • Check for hidden water leaks during maintenance
  • Insulating pipes
  • Turn off taps at the washbasin once you rinse
  • Use pressure reducing valves for steady water supply

Advantages of TeraValve

TeraValve is dedicated to providing efficient water management solutions for properties. With the ability to successfully manage energy efficiency projects with value over 200 million, TeraValve’s reputation precedes it. The TeraValve is one of those products that

1. works perfectly
2. No maintenance whatsoever and
3. Saves you money

This is a combination that’s hard to find and harder to put into practice. But the TeraValve does this with comparative ease and the winner here is the client who ends up saving water bills, and water maintenance costs in significant amounts.

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