Reduce water use and improve the energy efficiency of the building

In order to run a sustainable building, it’s essential to pay heed to important factors involved such as reducing water consumption and green methods of generating power that bring in considerable savings. This will have a significant effect on the green footprint left by the building in the years to come.

One of the current issue pertaining to today’s world is the consumption of water is greater than the ability of water to replenish naturally. Surveys predict if this trend keeps up, it’s sure to cause a strain on the ecosystem which in turn will have dire consequences on mankind.

Effective plumbing methods such as reusing water and pressure reducing valves like “TeraValve” that can regulate the water flow effectively are gaining significance. Minimum flush mechanisms in wash rooms, recycling water within the building are new trends emerging in an attempt to save on water bills

The residue water left out from consumption or grey water can be used as a drip irrigation system in green spots, ensuring full use of fresh water derived and minimized dependence on other sources of water.

Large buildings can qualify as an applicant for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) if they exhibit water and energy conservation techniques.

TeraValve designed to reduce volume and intelligently regulate water flow right from the source for more stabilized pressure throughout the building. This is one of many ways the TeraValve is able to reduce water usage. To know more on this water saving valve, check out