Simple steps to reduce water consumption

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” – Jacques Cousteau

The relevance of the quote couldn’t be more significant. With overpopulation and increased consumption of water, like climate change and changing seasons, water scarcity is a looming threat for the whole world. Irrespective of the efforts of governments and environmental groups, it boils down to public awareness and taking informed and pre-emptive choices for a better future.

Here are a few simple ways you can use to save large amounts of water and reduce water bills in the long run.

Water audit:

The first step in achieving anything is setting goals. Take an inventory of existing water consumption rate. Include points such as

  • Shower time
  • Approximate water flush consumption
  • Washbasin rinse time etc.

Make a note of the amount of water each task consumes, then work towards finding ways to reduce and limit consumption.

Upgrade to new mechanisms:

If you have leaky taps or issues with maintenance, it’s advisable to consider opting for new model fixtures and valves which guarantee a reduction in water use. These are pretested for effective water consumption and can be effective water saving investments.

Instant water heaters:

Installing instant water heaters can reduce water consumption and energy bills.

Irrigation check:

Be sure to do a maintenance check on your garden irrigation system at least once a year to ensure efficiency.

Short Shower:

It’s estimated that by keeping your showers to 5 minutes can save roughly up to a 1000 gallons a month. Installing low flow shower heads further can improve water conservation further.

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