Understanding How TeraValve Delivers Value

The key to managing the water consumption lies in adopting smart water efficiency solutions.  With varied choices available in the market, one would definitely want to make a well informed investment. One such energy efficiency device is TeraValve, principally developed to remove inefficiencies from the water distribution systems.

The Value Addition

To understand how TeraValve would help existing water delivery system become efficient, one has to first understand the basics of fluid dynamics and how air impacts water consumption. Typically, the volume of air present in any water pumping system results from the design of the water supply system.  The infusion of air is an integral part of any water supply system and is generated from the cracks and damages in the water lines.  Since the water meters are incapable of distinguishing the gases from the water so, the meter measures the total volume of water consumed. Moreover, this air pressure leads to an uncontrolled flow of water leading to wastage.

So how does the TeraValve work?

Unlike other energy efficient devices, TeraValve eliminates the air before it reaches the meter thereby enabling it to operate within the designated flow range. This is a very amazing feature that not only helps one measure the actual volume of water used but also prevents excess consumption. The trick lies in compressing the air before it reaches the meter and so, the meter registers the actual volume consumed.  This implies cost efficiency as one pays for almost the exact volume of the water used.