Water Valve Savings & Water Conservation through shared savings program

Water savings financing provides a wide range of solutions for projects throughout the area. The availability of financing is vast with multiple programs but it is the end user who has to choose the right financing options. Two of such financing options include financing based on note and financing based on lease. The note financing option requires the client to take the capital expenditure with an average interest rate of 7 to 8% depending on credit worthiness whereas the latter one charges a higher interest rate, but the client does not take the capital expenditure. On note financing there is no early penalty, however on lease financing there is a penalty since you have to pay the entire commitment. Through these multiple financing options the client can purchase the patented water valve. Both lease and note financing have their advantages and disadvantages.

These financing solutions are just vehicles to solve the water efficiency problems and water conservation ideas for large users of water. Water savings valve is a water saving device that reduces the volume of water which leads to water conservation. Efficient systems remove the air pockets, so the water meter only measures the actual water flowing through and not the air. The amount of water flowing is also minimized and the surges are also brought to a control to reduce over spinning of the paddle. This solution has been a revolutionary step in water bill savings across the USA as it is durable, user friendly, convenient and reliable.

The valve works on prescribed laws and principals of thermal dynamics. Reduction in pressure is one of the working principal which gets the desired solution. Water is kept unadulterated and pollution free. The external devices and valve does not require huge maintenance and is permanent. With technological innovations the valve system has also become a need in almost all projects.