Water costs have been rising at a rapid pace and efforts to conserve water and address sustainability issuues have also been on the rise. But, enough has not perhaps been done to prevent excessive use of water and paying more than what one ought to for the water consumed. Larger establishments like condos, city buildings, hotels and other commercial establishments can immensely benefit from the revolutionary and yet simple TeraValve. TeraValve is based on fluid dynamics and the application is financially rewarding to customers.

Metrics are in place with the systems intelligence to monitor and control all aspects of a building water system.

We can:

  • Control water flowing through our technology
  • Detect Possible Leaks
  • Shut buildings water supply remotely to avoid further damage (optional)
  • Measure and Verify Savings Instantly
  • Real Time Alerts through Email and Smart Phone Apps

Reduction in Consumption

The Teravalve water conservation system regulates the flow of water without reducing pressure (principle and equation available). Flow regulation targets non-volumetric usage such as faucets, shower heads, irrigation and other wash down applications.

The Teravalve System will turn the entire facility to a low flow profile without installing flow regulators on every fixture throughout the building. Notice however, in volumetric usage you do not save any water since the volume of water needed is predetermined.

Pressure reducers are often employed to address this situation. However, these devices lead to complaints from end users, expensive labor/install costs, difficult access to apartments, removal of devices from tenants, and frequent failure.



  • Reduce Consumption (GPM) with Guaranteed Savings
  • Possible Leak Detection
  • Savings Reports Weekly or Monthly
  • Tracking through Smartphone Apps

TeraValve Water Conservation system is intelligent with a 100% fail safe design. It keeps working 24x7x365 conserving water and saving you money every day.