Understanding How TeraValve Delivers Value

The key to managing the water consumption lies in adopting smart water efficiency solutions.  With varied choices available in the market, one would definitely want to make a well informed investment. One such energy efficiency device is TeraValve, principally developed to remove inefficiencies from the water distribution systems.

The Value Addition

To understand how TeraValve would help existing water delivery system become efficient, one has to first understand the basics of fluid dynamics and how air impacts water consumption. Typically, the volume of air present in any water pumping system results from the design of the water supply system.  The infusion of air is an integral part of any water supply system and is generated from the cracks and damages in the water lines.  Since the water meters are incapable of distinguishing the gases from the water so, the meter measures the total volume of water consumed. Moreover, this air pressure leads to an uncontrolled flow of water leading to wastage.

So how does the TeraValve work?

Unlike other energy efficient devices, TeraValve eliminates the air before it reaches the meter thereby enabling it to operate within the designated flow range. This is a very amazing feature that not only helps one measure the actual volume of water used but also prevents excess consumption. The trick lies in compressing the air before it reaches the meter and so, the meter registers the actual volume consumed.  This implies cost efficiency as one pays for almost the exact volume of the water used.

Establishing Water Saving Practices in Buildings and Localities

The water rates have undoubtedly surged higher as a result of demand established water systems.  As a result, water bills constitute a major portion in the overall budget for businesses worldwide.  People are realizing the need for efficient water systems to ensure water bill savings for buildings and localities.

Water Valve- A Potent Solution for Cost Efficiency

The existing water systems lack the proficiency required to minimize water waste and over consumption.  A vast majority of water meters across the country measures water usage in terms of volume. These are primitive systems that are derived of the functionality to distinguish the actual volume of water from the air in the water flow.  As a result, they measure all that flows through the meter.  In reality, buildings and localities end up paying more, even for the amount that they have not consumed.

Multiple mechanisms have been identified to bring down the water bill. Amongst them, installation of water valves for reducing air pressure and regulating the flow of water have been widely accepted. There is a huge category of water valves to choose from. The selection of the right water valve for saving money is crucial. The basic function of the water valve is to reduce the air pressure and regulate the flow of water in a single direction.

Once installed, an efficient water valve in the likes of TeraValve can not only bring down the energy bills but also increase the longevity of the water systems.

Enabling Energy Efficiency through Financing Solutions

New Jersey, as per the Division of Water Supply and GeoScience NJ, is a water rich state.  The ever increasing population density has generated pressure on the water resources thereby, creating the need to monitor waste. The soaring water bills have propelled municipal corporations and local administration to adopt efficient water saving devices.  Any new installation for water conservation calls for huge capital investments and as a result, the adoption of energy saving technologies inevitably gets delayed.

Curtailing the Costs

The market is populated with different energy saving devices that can be implemented at an individual and organization levels. Implementation of these technologies would add up to the utility bills thereby consuming a considerable amount of the monthly budget. To mitigate this problem, the private sector has come up with multifarious water financing solutions in NJ to enable end users enjoy a considerable lowering in the monthly utility bills. The overall idea is to eliminate money as an impediment to newer implementations.  With the help of these financing programs, a new world of opportunity and options has opened up.

Majorly the water financing solutions comprise of three different programs and they are:

•    Note financing
•    Shared savings
•    Lease financing

With energy efficiency becoming the core aim for optimizing resources at enterprise and individual levels, there is a pressing need for increased financing.  Very importantly, access to these financing solutions would further the cause of water conservation and adoption of newer technologies for fair distribution of resource and consumption efficiency.

Achieving Budget Efficiency with Water Valves

There are different varieties of water valves available in the market, however there is one that will work for meter accuracy and regulate flow as well using unique functionalities to aim towards maintaining equilibrium in air pressure inside the water system

How does a Water Valve Save Money

The water saving valve saves money by creating a solid core of backpressure on the meter as well as regulating flow and reducing the gallons per minute being used. Water users are billed for sewer at the same time water initially enters their facility, so to keep meters accurate and reduce GPM are extremely crucial to reduce savings.

Herein, it becomes imperative to use a patented water valve in the likes of TeraValve that compresses the air and allows only water to pass through the meter.  Hence, the meter records only the actual amount of water flowing through it.  This undoubtedly brings down the water bill and enhances optimized use of the available resource.  Moreover, the installation of this valve not only adds value to the monthly budget but also eliminates the problems related to higher water pressure.

Top Tips for Better Water Conservation and Savings

More and more people are looking for feasible and practical water financing solutions in NJ. The trend has become all the more evident with the need for water conservation becoming essential , utility bills rocketing sky-high and the available water resources depleting with each passing day. These simple ways of saving water promise to help the cause—and they are not linked to the installation of a water saving valve alone!

1. Checking of faucets and pipes for all kinds of leaks

A small drip that takes place from a faucet washer leads to a wastage of 20 gallons of water on a daily basis. The larger leaks may waste hundreds and thousands of gallons; it’s indeed concerning!

2. Avoid using your toilet as a wastebasket or ashtray

Flushing down of facial tissues, cigarette butts and even small pieces of trash lead to the wastage of 5-7 gallons of water.

3. Checking your toilets for leaks is important

Consider the addition of some food coloring to your toilet tank. If the color starts appearing in the bowl within 30 minutes (without flushing), then it is important to check for leaks and repair them immediately.

4. Use a water meter for checking for all hidden water leaks

To understand leaks better, it is well advised to check the house water meter prior to and after a two-hour period of no water usage. If the meter fails to read exactly the same, you may expect a leak.

Save water, save energy and money.

Water Conservation for Greater Savings

Water Conservation for Greater Savings

How does a patented water valve save money? Are water saving devices a must for every organization? These and other similar questions are becoming increasingly common in the current scenario where every drop of water is precious. Gone are the days when the concept of water conservation was an essential practice only in places where water resources were not available in abundance. Now, in addition to saving good money on utility bills, it is being used for ensuring regular flow of water in household and commercial establishments, preventing pollution in nearby water bodies and extending the life of septic systems through a reduction in the levels of soil saturation.

As an overload on the municipal sewer system can lead to untreated sewage, it is necessary to cut back on the wastage by restricting the flow of water through the domestic systems. The application of household water conservation on a large scale has led to the avoidance of costly sewage system installations and expansions in many communities.

Water saving products like a low flow shower-head or faucet aerator are just some of the many products available on the racks for those serious about water conservation. With the right gadgets and tools in place, service providers that are adept in the field of conserving water go a long way in helping urban users save a good deal of money on their utility bills.

Are you ready to check out the advantages of availing their many services? Get in touch with water saving devices—today!

Can Teravalve regulate pressure variations and reduce water bills?

Teravalve regulate pressure variations

Have you ever wondered if of changing water pressure would have any effect on you water bills? The actual fact is that the variations in water pressure do influence the water meter readings and may result in increased water bills. Teravalve an amazing patented water valve designed based on the two basic principles i.e. the Boyles law of gas pressure and volume and the Le Chatellliers volumetric dynamics has been found to be an effective water bill saving and water saving valve.

How does teravalve work? The constant fluctuations, higher or lower flow of water results in inaccurate and higher meter readings. The water meters are pre-designed based on specific standard water flowing rates the variation in flow results in over spinning and increased pressure rates. Teravalve the effective water bill saving valve basically installed in waterlines close to the water meters. It is installed in the water line at a position closest to your water meter for the intended results. The continuous pressure built up by the incoming water is maintained with the help of a flexible spring loaded nozzle. The resulting back pressure gets transformed into high pressure at the other side of the water meter and reaches a point where it losses the acquired volume and passes through the water meter in the compact form and attains its original volume only when it reaches the teravalve. Thus teravalve effectively covers up the air content in the water from being measured by the water meter without actually removing the air contained in the flowing water.

The water reading thus measured by the water meter in the presence of teravalve is accurate and free from fluctuations resulting due to low or high flow of water. Teravalve is fast gaining preference as efficient water saving valve and one of the most effective vavle recommended for water bill savings in New Jersey.

Cut down soaring water and sewer bills and water with advanced patented water valve

Cut down soaring water

How often have you felt the need for a system that could help you conserve on your water and sewer consumption? The ever increasing water charges and the demand for quality water supply, water management and water wastage prevention measures greatly call for an innovative and dynamic system. The ground-breaking and advanced patented water valve has immensely benefitted large water users like condos, city buildings, hotels and other commercial establishments in establishing a functional and dynamic system.

It is estimated that the installment of the simple and effective system has helped commercial properties and large institutions to make an average saving of around 12%. The ways in which these water valves can create a difference to your water management systems are as follows:

Accurate meter readings and guaranteed savings on water bills:

In the commercial properties and large buildings the patented valves are placed on the house side of the water meter. The system has multiple components such as the valve, flow meter and software. The flow meters are designed in such a way that the flowing water activates an internal paddle that spins and calculates the amount of the water consumed. The patented water valve reduces volume, create a solid core of back pressure to reduce air slug in the lines and reduce vibrations that register in magnetic meters. The elimination of the unwanted air also helps in generating accurate meter readings, increasing meters efficiency and reducing meter bills.

Reduces excess consumption and water wastage:

Air pressure and its variance has great role in controlling the flow of water spinning of the meter. In most of the water systems the pressure is generally 65psi opening/closing of fixtures like sprinklers, hose, and sinks etc. The patented water valves help in maintaining even flow of water and reduce the extra consumption and wastage of water.

These advanced water valves are fully customizable and require no maintenance. These are simple devices that you can simply fit and forget while it keeps working 365 days a year to conserve water, reduce your water bills and keep your business property water systems highly functional.